Titus Ennius Buteo

Sham's Character


Born to minor grain merchants in Pompeii, a young Titus learned well from his parents and combined this with a small personal windfall to enter into medium-sized long-distance trades across the Mediterranean. Now based in Herculaneum, he found a steady trade, mostly with Hispania’s ports to the West, but occasionally also heading East into the Greek isles and bargaining with the Hebrew captains there.

This proved to be a safe and comfortable life, but as he aged, Titus began to find it dull and repetitive. He’d always been enthralled by tales of legions questing out in the name of the Republic (or the Empire), but he’d been too busy from a young age to even dream about this much. When the chance came to use his special sort of skills to fight evil, he leapt at the chance. Of course, old habits die hard, and if he can make a tidy denarius in the process, then so much the better for him and his strange new friends.

While the stresses of his new adventures tended to be balanced by the satisfaction of their success, more often than not, the expedition to save the Scion of Vulcan in Delphi proved to be exceptionally difficult for Titus, and he lost much confidence and sense there.

See also his rough notes.

Titus Ennius Buteo

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