Cthulhu Invictus: Carpe Noctum

The Story So Far... (Chapter I)

Spiders, Assassins and Senators.

Ultionis Casses (Web of Vengeance)

Our Heroes meet as the mutual clients, friends and employees of Senator Servius Vibius Casmino . Who hosts a celebration during the Quinquatria Festival to celebrate the upcoming consecration of his daughter Vibella Casmina as a priestess of Minerva.

After the celebration, the party foiled an assassination attempt on Vibella using venomous spiders. They rushed to the other houses of the women to take up the mantle of Minerva’s priestesses but only managed to save a few.

Senator Casmino asks the party to investigate and find out who would want his daughter dead and why. They discovered the spiders had been hidden in baskets of fine silk scarves that all the women received as gifts. They tracked these scarves to a small silk shop called Hortensius Fine Silks and Tapestries. during which they were attacked by a group of men garbed in strange black armored silk and bearing tattoos of 3 sets of eyes on their forehead. at the same time Vibella Casmina is kidnapped by these same men.

When the party catches the silk store owner speaking with more men dressed in the same fashion, she flees and they give chase. Discovering a tapestry functioning as a magical portal at the back of the shop that led to a series of caverns. It becomes of obvious from the shrines and tapestries in these caves that the investigators have stumbled upon the Cult of Arachne

Chasing down the cultists they discover VIbella and are attacked by a creature that was once human but has transformed into a spider

They defeated the creature and rescued the girl. fleeing as the caverns began to shake and rumble.

Senator Casmino, very grateful to have his daughter back, but traumatised by the whole affair is moving back to Rome. He gifts his Villa and it’s slaves to our Heroes, who now use it as a base of operations.


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